122,57  / 100 ml

Best-selling isoi product! Moisturizing, brightening and clarifying Bulgarian rose serum


57,00  / 100 ml

A 3-in-1 essence specifically designed for men's skin


23,77  / 100 ml

Oil Controling Moisturizing Toner


9,33  / 100 ml

An all-in-one cleansing water with hypoallergenic formula gently cleanses your skin, redefining its texture without leaving you any burning or irritating feelings


76,00  / 100 ml

High-quality natural care for the modern gent.


7,14  / 100 ml

Hand & Skin Disinfectant with Aloe and Orange oil


47,38  / 100 ml

A gel cream designed for sensitive skin reacting to various environmental stressors


26,15  / 100 ml

Test kit for isoi's famous Blemish Care line


34,69  / 100 ml

Everything you need to bring back your flawless skin

Organic Men’s Skincare


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Hand-picked Bulgarian Rose Oil
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A•TRUE is the True brand representing both TRUE Value and TRUE Beauty from a cup of the finest black tea.

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Caring is
today’s beautiful

Today’s consumer is more aware than ever and buys brands that share their values of caring for our environment as well as our bodies. That’s why we created Liwela: To bring cruelty-free, vegan and natural cosmetics to consumers who care but still want excellent quality beauty products.

Liwela is the exclusive importer of cosmetic brands that share our philosophy of caring for the environment as well as the bodies of those who use them, so you can trust that all the products we supply will be kind to skin and environment.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.