TRUE Beauty: all about A•TRUE

A•TRUE is the True brand representing both TRUE Value and TRUE Beauty from a cup of the finest black tea. Welcome to our newest Brand! ♡

La Compagnie Coloniale is one of the oldest tea brands in France and is the main ingredients in all A•TRUE products. Established in 1848 at the Avenue de L’Opera in Paris, La Compagnie Coloniale teas were considered to be a very precious commodity at the time, surpassing gold in value.
Ever since then La Compagnie Coloniale has passionately made their products with expert craftsmanship skills, striving to produce black tea of the higest quality.

The following ingredients of La Campanie Coloniale signature black tea used in A•TRUE products will help your skin look fabulous:

  • Polyphenol: Protect healthy cells and organs
  • Vitamin B1: Radiance
  • Vitamin B2: Natural barrier
  • Vitamin B3: Brightening, Skin renewal, Elasticity
  • Vitamin E: Moisturizing, Antioxidation
  • Vitamin H: Skin renewal
  • Mineral: Moisturizing, Elasticity
  • Catechin: Antioxidation
  • Theanin: Keep Moisture level
  • Caffeine/Tannin: Detoxification, Purification

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Check the products available, it is time to go back to the 17th Century European Royal Beauty!

Viva la France!

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