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Myths and Truths about natural skin products

I am sure you’ve heard a thousand stories about cosmetics that have turned out to be a myth in the end.

As you know, isoi is one of our most famous Korean brands, and they wanted to answer some of these questions about natural skin products first-hand.

Maybe we are too used to using products that contain chemicals, right? It is time to change that!! Here we go:

MYTH: Natural skincare products have shorter shelf lives because they do not contain preservatives.

FACT: isoi uses a refined extract from a plant called Scutellaria baicalensis instead of chemical preservatives. Scutellaria baicalensis is a type of flowering plant that can be used to naturally preserve the product’s quality up to three years from the manufacturing date with seal. Once the seal is removed, we recommend using the product within three to six months.

MYTH: Natural skincare products are defective if there is separation in the formula.

FACT: isoi products do not contain chemical emulsifiers or synthetic surfactants. Therefore, there is a chance that water and oil can separate over time. This can be easily resolved by shaking the product before use.

MYTH: Natural skincare products do not spread evenly on the skin.

FACT: Some ingredients used to enhance the products’ ability to spread are non-biodegradable, which can trigger allergies. Using natural ingredients and unique blending techniques, isoi is continuing to develop products that will deliver better results than other products containing synthetic chemicals for even application on the skin.

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