Gentlemen meets Nature

As you all probably know, the skin of men is different from women skin.

Men’s skin is 20% thicker on average and has a firmer appearance. Signs of aging like small wrinkles appear later in men, but the changes are more noticeable. Men have larger sebaceous glands and pores and the sebum production is higher. In addition, there is shaving, whereby the top layer of skin is removed, and the skin reacts sensitively to external influences. Because of its length or shortness, men’s hair is generally not as stressed as the hair of women and therefore needs fewer care substances. Lack of moisture creates dandruff!

What does this mean for the skincare routine of a man? In a nutshell: moisture instead of fat. Care products should be less rich, containing less oils. In contrast, moisture boosters such as aloe vera are essential. Shampoos especially for men clean gently and lead to activating ingredients to strengthen and revitalize.

Green + The Gent

Green + The Gent is our latest addition, a young German brand specialized in organic skincare for men. They are qualified with the COSMOS standard, and here is where high-quality and respectful natural cosmetics meet the real needs of the modern gentleman. Connect yourself to nature! Authentic, well-groomed, masculine and vegan!

The essence is the characteristic that makes this brand unique. Elder, ivy and hops as active ingredients.

Masculine scent in two fragrances:

+ Gin a fresh and spicy combination of juniper, cardamom, nutmeg and vetiver
+ New Old School classic masculine character with fresh citrus notes, cedar and patchouli.

Check out all the products available for the gentleman’s routine!

And welcome to Liwela’s family, Green + The Gent!

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