Frudia is the result of 30 years of dedicated research by Frudia Research Lab looking for a better way to treat your skin. Plants and fruits provide a rich repository of nutrients and anti-oxidants that naturally protect and beautify. Frudia captures these nutrients into a product that similarly protects your skin and gives a natural glow.

The Story of Frudia

1. 30 Years of Research

Whilestudying the benefits of fruit, Frudia’s founder began to direct his attention to one main question: how to deliver the beneficial properties of fruit to the skin with minimal loss of nutrients.

2. A wonderfull discovery

While travelling the world to find the answer, Frudia’s founder discovered a workshop in Alsace, France where pure, 100% fruit jam was made. There he noticed the master crafter, who handled the jam-making process, had well-hydrated and wrinkle-free hands.

3. The power of fruit

This realization from jam-making in France led research to focus on finding the perfect liquid – an essential base for all skin care products.

4. Beauty derived from fruit

Researchers found that skincare products could be produced with minimal nutritional loss through a low-temperature extraction of the seed, juice and peel of the fruit.

5. Pure vitamins

Frudia was developed in Korea to revitalize and reenergize your skin by taking vitamins, moisture, beta-carotene, lycopene, anthocyanin and antioxidants directly from the fruit.

6. Birth of Frudia

Frudia makes it possible to enjoy your fruits in a new and exciting way. After years of research and dedication, Frudia is excited to offer this wonderful and natural option for your skin.

R VITA W Technology

R VITA W TM Technology

For years the common base skincare products has been water.
Frudia instead uses a 100% fruit base – gained through the R VITA WTM method – to deliver a softer moisturizing and stronger antioxidant results.

What is the R VITA WTM method?

This method involves extraction of raw material, without loss of active ingredients, by compressing the entire fruit without heat. This method maintains every drop of the fruit’s nutrition and vitamins for longer – delivering fruit-derived vibrancy, fragrance and texture to supplement your skin.

1st Step | Zesting

The surface is lighty worked to allow breathability in the extraction process.

2nd Step | Soacking

Fruit is left for 48 hours to soften the cell walls and increase extracting efficiency.

3rd Step | Compressing

Extract by compressing process in low temperature as it minimizes destruction of nutritients and vitamins.

Frudia's beautiful promise

Feel happy knowing Frudia’s products have been through rigorous research and testing processes to ensure the most natural and effective results are produced from the fruit to your skin.

Citrus Brightening Line

There is a strong life force in there citrus fruits that allow them to survive all four seasons. Surviving the indecisive weather of Jeju Island, from the glaring sun to fierce snowstorms, Jeju tangerines hold a sense of energy. Ready to deliver moisture, vitamins and a healthy glow to your skin.


6,21  / 100 ml

• Contains citrus extract with rich vitamin C • Helps remove skin's impurities • Glowing skin after simple cleansing


9,74  / 100 ml

• Contains 86% tangerine extract • Citrus vitamins and rich flavonoid content effectively reduce the melanin in your skin and evenly brighten your skin tone • Vegan


57,00  / 100 g

• Contains 71% tangerine extract • Effectively reduce the appearances of freckles or spots • Vegan


49,09  / 100 g

• Contains 61% tangerine extract • Formulated with rich vitamins of citrus extract which brightens your dull skin for a clear, dewy complexion • Vegan

Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Line

Pomegranate, once loved by Cleopatra, is a fruit associated with beauty. Its sensitivity to environmental conditions is like you – a careful and detail-oriented soul. That is why we carefully select pomegranates grown only in excellent environmental conditions. The polyphenol from these pomegranates will calm your sensitive skin and protect you from wrinkles.


6,21  / 100 ml

• Excellent antioxidant effect • Removes even fine dust with its 'Dust Zero Complex' • Vegan


10,26  / 100 ml

• Contains 87% pomegranate extract • The rich flavonoid content helps restore the firmness of skin • Vegan


60,00  / 100 g

• Contains 64% pomegranate extract • Boosts the synthesis of collagen to increase the firmness of skin • Vegan


51,82  / 100 g

• Contains 63% Pomegranate extract • Helps reduce the appearances of wrinkles and fine lines for a smoother complexion • Vegan

Blueberry Hydrating Line

City living inevitably exposes your precious skin to harmful substances. When your skin is dry and losing its radiance, you can revitalize it with the anthoacyanin in blueberries. These nutrients remove harmful oxidants to re-energize and moisten your skin.


9,23  / 100 ml

• Contains 88% blueberry extract • Light and non-sticky texture • Helps to optimize skin's water-oil balance • Vegan


57,00  / 100 g

• Contains 71% blueberry extract • Absorbs instantly, leaving a refreshing feel • Vegan


47,27  / 100 g

• Contains 77% blueberry extract • Keeps the skin moisturized for 48 hours • Vegan


51,82  / 100 g

• Contains 69% blueberry extract • Keeps the skin moisturized for 72 hours • Vegan