isoi is a Korean brand that promises to deliver trustworthy skincare products with carefully selected natural ingredients.
100% natural and EWG verified, isoi will make you fall in love with their main ingredient, the Bulgarian Rose oil, extracted from the first and the freshest batch of the highest quality roses from Valley in Kazanlak in Bulgaria.
Bulgarian Rose Oil
  • One of the main ingredients in many of isoi’s products.
    isoi directly imports its rose oil from the famous Rose Valley located near Kazanlak in Bulgaria, one of the largest and most respected producers worldwide.
    It is extracted only from the most fresh harvest of the Damask Roses.
  • Bulgarian rose oil is one of the most expensive cosmetic ingredients, even called “liquid diamond”.
  • One liter of Bulgarian rose oil can easily sell for over € 10.000,- in the market, but isoi directly imports the oil to reduce production cost.
  • Rose oil has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, contains 20 times the vitamin A of a tomato and 17 times the vitamin C of a lemon.
Cosmetic Research Laboratory in Germany
  • Natural cosmetics technological research started in Europe. isoi built a research lab in Germany in order to further develop their technology in skin care by using their data base and expertise.
  • Mr. Heinz Jürgen Weiland is a German scientist who has pioneered natural cosmetics-related research, development, standardization and certification over the last three decades.
  • “Just by adding naturally derived ingredients doesn’t make a difference on the skin, but combined with our technology, isoi has advanced both the application and performance of natural skincare products.” – Heinz Jürgen Weiland
International Certification

The first cosmetic brand in Korea to be EWG VERIFIED.

The EWG VERIFIED mark indicates that the manufacturer discloses detailed production information regarding ingredients, blending methods and its manufacturing process.
It also means that the product does not contain any ingredients on the EWG list of prohibited and restricted ingredients.

All isoi products gained the EXCELLENT rating in skin irritation clinical trials from the world’s leading skin science research institute in Germany.

In skin irritation clinical tests conducted by Dermatest, isoi was verified as “highly safe” in terms of sensitivity affecting the skin and immune system. Dermatest follows the skin safety test standards set by ICDRG.

Blemish Care
Don’t hide it, correct it

Improves uneven pigmentation, clarifies blemishes and reduces dark spots with vitamin-rich Bulgarian rose oil, arbutin and natural plant extracts.

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Unverified overall ratings


30,77  / 100 ml

• Improves skin texture • Brightens complexion • Vegan • Contains skin regenerative ingredients and antioxidants

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Unverified overall ratings


137,14  / 100 ml

• Rich with vitamin A and C • Fades dark spots • Vegan • Firms & smooths the skin

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142,00  / 100 ml

• Ideal for blemished skin • Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory • Contains UV protection Titaniom Dioxide • Centella Asiatica Extract

Lifting & Firming
Nourish and revitalize your skin

isoi’s patented natural ingredients strengthen collagen and elastin, the two elastic fibers, by targeting skin that has lost elasticity due to a weakened protective barrier.

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145,43  / 100 ml

• Buffs away flakiness • Rich with emollients • Vegan • Ideal for demanding & mature skin types


156,00  / 100 ml

• Firms & smooths the skin • Fights age spots • Vegan • Contains Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract & Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil

Unverified overall ratings


43,77  / 100 ml

• Improves skin elasticity • Best for mature skin • Vegan • Counteracts skin aging

Deep Hydration
Seal in every last drop of moisture

Strengthens the skin’s own ability to preserve moisture and delivers long-lasting hydration with plant-based ingredients that resemble intercellular lipids.

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27,62  / 100 ml

• Purifies & detoxifies • Ideal for blemished skin • Vegan • Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory


232,67  / 100 ml

• Anti-inflammatory • Extreme moisture for the skin • Vegan • Contains Houttuynia cordata extract

Sensitive Skin Care
Soothe your skin in the deep sea

isoi’s Marine Bio Complex contains plentiful natural defense ingredients that seaweed has aquired on its own. It absorbs and releases harmful substances and protects your skin from external stresses.

Pore Tightening
Tighten and minimize enlarged pores in 3 steps

Its plant-based ingredients sweep away built-up dead skin and excess sebum, the underlying causes of enlarged pores without irritation and also balance out moisture and oil levels.

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390,00  / 100 g

• Soft texture & long-wear formula • Rich on Jojoba oil • Intensively hydrating & conditioning • Vivid color