GREEN + THE GENT is a new brand of naturally based facial, body and shaving products specially designed for the men of today. Delivering firstclass and effective personal care, the brand comprises a range of men’s grooming products designed to match the lifestyle of the modern gent: authentic, masculine, individual and easy to use. And all without any hidden chemicals. Instead, our products feature active ingredients that are sourced regionally, for the most part, and then carefully combined to create a product made in Germany – a product a man can trust.


Gentleman meets Nature

Elder, ivy and hops as active ingredients. Instead of water, which often serves merely as a filler without any real function, we use a high concentration of aloe vera as the perfect moisturizer.

Masculine scent in two fragrances:
+ „Gin“ – a fresh and spicy combination of juniper, cardamom, nutmeg and vetiver
+ „New Old School“ – classic masculine character with fresh citrus notes, cedar and patchouli.


24,00  / 100 ml

• Formulated for men's skin • Rich in antioxidants • Deep cleansing • Vegan and organic


34,00  / 100 ml

• Softening aftershave • Refreshes, nourishes and effectively strengthens the skin - without burning • Revitalizes and moisturizes with a high content of Aloe Vera • Vegan and organic


76,00  / 100 ml

• Face oil, shaving oil and beard oil in one • Full of antioxidants • Moisturizing facial care • Vegan and organic


84,00  / 100 ml

• Light consistency • Absorbs quickly • Perfect for man's skin • Vegan and organic


9,60  / 100 ml

• For a gentle and natural cleansing • Old school fragrance • Effectively strengthens the hair and soothes sensitive scalp • Vegan and organic